“The house is not an invention, it is always the same shelter that the man needs because he is tired, because he is hungry, because he has to sleep…”
Renzo Mongiardino

Based in Milan, inside the circle of the Spanish walls, Mingotti Giordano architetti brings a clear architectural vision into their design characterized by a melt of history and modernity. Andrea e Filippo work on different international projects, spanning from high-level residences to retail and count among their clients, important names from the business world and from the art industry.

They work closely with clients to develop creative solutions responsive to location and user experience.

By experimenting with materials, with the renaissance of old technics and new graphics, they provide durable contemporary designs! Each work transforms a collage of influences into architecture that is beautiful and layered with meaning, but also welcoming spaces where people want to chill out, with elegance.

Andrea Mingotti, graduated in architecture from the University of Venice and Filippo Giordano, interior architect graduated from the Politecnico of Milan.

Gloria Giustina, interior architect graduated from the Politecnico of Milan. Carlalberto Vaglio Tessitore, interior designer graduated from the IED.